IT Solutions

Streamline Your Business with CustomiSed IT Solutions

Dependable and cost-effective IT solutions made from industry leading technology. We take the time to understand your requirements so that you get what you need without wasting money on what you don’t.

Microsoft 365

Every business needs an email system to communicate effectively. Backed by Microsoft’s global IT infrastructure we can setup and configure Microsoft 365 email systems that give you the reliability and security that you require.

Servers & File Storage

Remote Working, File Storage, Business Applications

Servers specified to last and to your requirements. Whether you want a server for file storage, for running your business-critical applications, or to facilitate remote working we can sort it.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

Backups are an essential security measure for your business to protect against the possibility of your hard work being lost. The number one target for cyber criminals is your data and so you need to protect it with regular and reliable backups. We provide backup systems that replicate your files to multiple locations on a daily basis with the aim of protecting against all eventualities.


Making sure your systems and applications are secure, and that your staff are security conscious is more important now than it has ever been. Staying secure requires a multi-layered approach. We can provide firewalls to secure access in and out of your network. Email filtering to block malicious emails from reaching your inbox. Web filtering to block dangerous sites, and cybersecurity awareness training systems, to keep your staff up to speed with the common signs of malicious emails, and the methods cybercriminals try to use against you.

Telephony & Communication

Cloud hosted telephone systems that are flexible and rich with features. Work from anywhere using the web interface or mobile phone application. Voicemails sent to your email address, interactive voice recording menus and much more.

Business Connectivity

Experience has taught us that companies want both fast and reliable internet connections. Whatever your needs, we can supply you with business grade internet connections that live up to your expectations.